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Products that we offer:

  1. Confectionary

  2. Beverages 

  3. Groceries (Pasta, Flour, Oil, Canned products)

  4. Stock offers

  5. Toiletries and Hygiene products




Products that we can offer:

  1. Medical devices,

  2. Drugs,

  3. Supplements,

  4. Others




Products that we can offer:

  1. Wooden Pallets (EPAL, Non-Standard)

  2. Pallets Boards 

  3. Construction wood

  4. Wooden poles

  5. Firewood, Pellets, Briquettes 

A woman at the office overlooking the ci


SIA Kokmeks is a young and ambitious trade, sourcing company established in 2020. Despite all the difficulties which the whole world faced that year, young specialists from different counties managed to find each other, and place their passion for making a different kind of businesses together. We have connected absolutely different spheres: wood, food supplements, retail products from A to Z, transportation worldwide. You might think that all this is insane, but if to check another side of the coin, we have joined together plenty of fresh innovative ideas, high-level service, and modern technologies. If to come back to mythology, cone usually associates with harvest, prosperity, or spiritual abundance, pine is a symbol of wisdom, virtue, and longevity; in some cultures, it is the Tree of Peace. The main aim of the company is to show our clients, that even the highest demanded requests can be fulfilled, that there is always time and place for making compromising decisions, that together we can see what is inside the cone, and make our mutual pine tree to live a long life full of pleasant adventures and discoveries; Business can bring pleasure and make you feel happy, not only have a routine non-stop income.



Head Office



Company code: 40203250737

VAT number: LV40203250737

Office address: Ak.M.Keldisha str. 28-62 LV-1021, Riga, Latvia

IBAN: LV53HABA0551048639131




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